Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Post of 2009!

I know....I know. I have severely neglected this blog for almost a year. I would be surprised if anyone was still reading it, but I know someone is. I got a comment on an old, old post, and it made me miss the glory days of blogging :)

So, an update to the place I call my life. I no longer work at the cable company. I now work for a credit card processor. I like the job a lot better. The cable company started really pounding the sales process into our little heads and was on the verge of starting a quota when I decided it was time for me to go. Anyone who knows me knows that I couldn't sell a bible to a nun that had lost hers, so I had no chance of surviving in there.

I also have a new car. Not a "new" car, but one I had not previously owned before. It's a 98 Saturn SL2 and it's a fine little car with very obvious design flaws with in the comfort area, but it'll do fine for now.

The best news is that I am still with Brandy, and we are now engaged. I proposed on the beach in Florida to her on May28th of this year, and she said yes....on the same day even. So now we are planning our wedding out. The kids are getting so big too.

Well, that should be a decent update for now. Perhaps more at a later date, depending on who reads it.