Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey Ya'll.........just a little update!

Hi to all of my blogger friends........I have missed ya'll soooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!! Things have been pretty hectic in my life lately, my work (office job) has been horrible! On top of the Tax HELL that i've been in, we were audited by the office on unemployment and by our international.........the international auditor was here for over 3 weeks!!! She is still calling me every other day for me to fax her more crap! I made over 2000 copies for this woman while she was here! Nice lady but I was soooooooo glad to see her leave ;) My 2nd job (pizza place) has been a little more stressful than usual, we've had 3 people quit in the last few weeks. I've been trying to pick up more hours but with my day job and my kiddos i feel guilty.

In Feb. My ex's father passed away, it was very unexpected. I have been trying to help him deal with the grief and all that has happened since his father's death. It's a truly helpless feeling; knowing someone is hurting but not knowing how to make them feel better. At first my kids had a very difficult time dealing with their Poppy's passing but my oldest son's strong faith in God and Heaven has helped us all get through. My littlest guy doesn't really understand what happened but he was sad and crying because he knew we were sad and crying. Say a little prayer for them and the family.

Both my kids have been sick, passing it back and forth to one another. My oldest son was out of school for a week. I think they are both finally starting to be on the mend. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thank goodness for the help from my family, friends and mindtwister! I'd probably be crazy if it weren't for them......oh wait a minute.......I'm already crazy....LOL

Well I just wanted all of you to know that I miss you and will post more soon! Love and Hugs!

I am on myspace if anyone else is........I try to check it every other day or so......and my email is if anyone wants to write!